304 316 304l stainless steel wire mesh
Stainless steel mesh is made of 304, 304L, 316, 316L, 310, 310s and other metal wires, with smooth surface, no rust, corrosion resistance, non-toxicity, hygiene and environmental protection. Stainless steel is heat-resistant, acid-resistant, corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant. Because of these characteristics, stainless steel mesh is widely used in mining, chemical industry, food, petroleum, medicine and other industries, mainly for gas, liquid filtration and other media separation.
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Stainless steel perforated mesh is a kind of metal mesh punched by a stainless steel plate according to a certain hole type and mold by CNC punching. Stainless steel perforated mesh, also known as round perforated mesh, is a kind of perforated mesh, and its material is stainless steel plate.

Round holes, oblong holes, square holes, triangular holes, fish scale holes, bridge holes, diamond holes, pentagonal holes, hexagonal holes, character-eight holes, cross holes, nail holes, plum blossom holes, herringbone holes, I-shaped holes and other special-shaped holes hole.

Uses: All kinds of special-shaped perforated meshes are used in various equipment such as food machinery, drying sieves, decorative ceilings, instrument case shells, audio speakers, filtering and sound absorption. Lightweight concave-convex circular hole mesh for platforms, pedals, filters and various filter valves, etc.

It is used for environmental protection noise control barriers in transportation and municipal facilities such as highways, railways, and subways passing through urban areas, and sound-absorbing panels for sound insulation and noise reduction of building walls, generator rooms, factory buildings, and other noise sources.

It can be used as sound-absorbing materials for ceilings and wall panels in buildings, and can be used as exquisite decorative orifice panels for building stairs, balconies, environmentally friendly tables and chairs,

It can be used for protective covers of mechanical equipment, gorgeous speaker grilles, grinding sieves, mine sieves, I-shaped sieves for grain, feed, and mines, stainless steel fruit baskets, food covers, fruit trays and other kitchen utensils for kitchen equipment,

It can be used for shelf nets in shopping malls, decorative exhibition stands, ventilation and ventilation nets in grain depots, water seepage and water filter nets in football field lawns, etc.

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