Lead Acid Battery Plate 2mm Lead Plate
Lead is a silvery-white metal with a slight light blue color. It has the characteristics of high density, good corrosion resistance, low melting point, softness, and easy processing. Therefore, it is used in many industrial fields. Lead plates and lead pipes are widely used in Anti-corrosion effect in acid industry, storage battery, cable sheath and metallurgical industry equipment.
There are also many types of lead plates, which can be divided into radiation-proof lead plates, medical lead plates, CT room lead plates, etc., all of which have radiation protection effects.
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Lead plate is a plate made of lead ingot. We all know that lead plate has strong corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance.It is used in acid-resistant environment construction, medical radiation protection, X-ray, CT room radiation protection, and aggravated , Sound insulation and many other aspects, it is a cost-effective radiation protection material.

As a metal with a high atomic number, the lead plate made of it is a material that has a good shielding effect on radiation. It also plays a similar role in lead composite boards, lead protective clothing, lead caps, lead masks, lead screens, lead glasses, lead glass, etc. In the anti-radiation industry, lead plates are also called anti-radiation lead plates and anti-radiation lead plates. In addition, lead plates can also be used in industrial flaw detection, acid resistance, corrosion resistance, sound insulation, batteries, and industrial product counterweights. In different industries, it is called flaw detection protective lead plate, sound insulation lead plate, anode lead plate.

Radiation protection engineering: decoration of hospital radiology department, design and construction of industrial flaw detection protection project, manufacture of lead door and lead window frame of lead room, radiation protection effect of hospital radiology department.

The electrode of lead nozzle electroslag welding is composed of nozzle and welding wire fixed in the joint gap (usually welded by steel pipe and steel plate), and the welding wire is continuously fed into the molten pool through the nozzle by the wire feeder. According to the thickness of the medical lead weldment, the nozzle can be single or multiple, and can be made into an arc or a curved surface for welding different shapes of weldments. It has become the primary welding method for butt and T-joints due to the simplicity of the equipment, its versatility, and its ability to weld hard-to-reach places.

The electrode of electroslag welding of lead plate is a metal plate. Depending on the thickness of the welded plate, one or several lead plates can be used for welding. The electrode is continuously fed into the molten pool through the feeding mechanism, and the lead plate will not swing laterally, so a compact and reliable welding joint can be obtained. The lead electrode can be cast or forged, and its length is generally more than 3 times the length of the weld.

Lead plates can be used to make lead batteries. Lead plates and lead pipes are used as lining protection equipment in the acid industry and metallurgical industry. Lead is used as cable sheaths and fuses in the electrical industry. Lead alloys containing tin and antimony are used in printing type, lead-tin alloys are used in the manufacture of fusible lead-clad electrodes, and lead plates and lead-plated steel sheets are used in the construction industry. Lead has good absorption of X-rays and γ-rays, and is widely used as a protective material for X-ray machines and atomic energy devices.

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