Wear-resistant Steel Harda steel plates
The wear-resistant steel plate can be cut, bent or coiled, welded and punched, and it can be processed into various parts that ordinary steel plates can process. The cut wear-resistant steel plate can be tailored and welded into various engineering structural parts or components. Weldable, good wear resistance. Convenient processing
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Wear-resistant steel plate has high wear resistance and good impact performance. It can be cut, bent, welded, etc., and can be connected to other structures by welding, plug welding, bolt connection, etc., which saves time in the process of repairing the site. , convenient and other characteristics, widely used in metallurgy, coal, cement, electric power, glass, mining, building materials, bricks and other industries, compared with other materials, has a high cost performance.

The wear-resistant steel plate is composed of a low-carbon steel plate and an alloy wear-resistant layer. The alloy wear-resistant layer is generally 1/3~1/2 of the total thickness. When working, the matrix provides comprehensive properties such as strength, toughness and plasticity against external forces, and the alloy wear-resistant layer provides wear-resistant properties that meet the needs of working conditions.

There is a metallurgical bond between the wear-resistant steel plate alloy wear-resistant layer and the substrate. Through special equipment and automatic welding process, the high-hardness self-protected alloy welding wire is uniformly welded on the substrate, and the number of composite layers is one to two or even multiple layers. During the composite process, due to the different shrinkage ratio of the alloy, uniform transverse cracks appear. It is a distinctive feature of wear-resistant steel plate.

Hardox wear plate is the world's leading wear resistant (AR) steel. Hardox steel plate is hard from the surface to the core, prolonging service life and increasing productivity in the most challenging environments, so hardox steel is also defined as a steel with high durability.

HARDOX 550 is a wear-resistant steel plate with an average hardness of 550HBW, which has the same toughness as HARDOX 500 and is used in high-wear applications. When upgrading from HARDOX 500 steel plate to this product, there is a 50-unit improvement in Brinell hardness, extending wear life without loss of plate toughness.

HARDOX 600 is the hardest wear-resistant steel plate in the world with a hardness value of 600 HBW. It is generally used in extremely severe wear applications and is mainly used to replace cast steel, chrome alloy cast iron and case hardened metals. Despite its high hardness, we were able to machine, weld and cut it. Although the hardness of HARDOX 600 is very high, it still has a very high impact toughness.

HARDOX HiTuf is an extremely tough wear-resistant steel plate with excellent crack resistance. HARDOX HiTuf has an average hardness of 350 HBW and is mainly used in critical components requiring extremely high wear and crack resistance.

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