ss400 Cold rolled carbon steel plate
Carbon steel plate generally refers to carbon structural steel plate. Carbon structural steel plate refers to carbon steel with a carbon content of less than 0.8%. This steel contains less sulfur, phosphorus and non-metallic inclusions than carbon structural steel, and has better mechanical properties.
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Carbon steel classification:

1. According to the mass percentage of carbon: low carbon steel (C:≤0.25%); medium carbon steel (C:0.25≤C≤0.6%); high carbon steel (C:>0.6%)

2. According to the quality of steel (mainly the content of impurities sulfur and phosphorus):

Ordinary carbon steel (S≤0.055%, P≤0.045%)

High-quality carbon steel (S≤0.040%, P≤0.040%)

High quality carbon steel (S≤0.030%, P≤0.035%)

3. By use:

Carbon structural steel: mainly used for bridges, ships, building components, machine parts, etc.

Carbon tool steel: mainly used for tools, molds, measuring tools, etc.


Types of steel and their grades:

Ordinary carbon structural steel Q195, Q215, Q235Good plasticity, can be rolled into steel plates, steel bars, steel pipes, etc.
Q225, Q275Can be rolled into shaped steel, steel plate, etc.
High quality carbon structural steel20#, 45#, etc.Mainly used to manufacture various machine parts
Carbon Tool SteelT9, T12 etc.Mainly used to manufacture various props, measuring tools, molds, etc.
cast steelZG25 etc.It is mainly used to manufacture parts with complex shapes and require certain strength, plasticity and toughness, such as gears, couplings, etc.

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