Color Stainless Steel Decorative Pipes
Color stainless steel decorative pipes are widely used in high-end villas, star-rated hotels, high-end clubs, luxury communities, etc. At present, the mature products mainly include screens, stair handrails, balcony guardrails, fence fences, courtyard gates, etc.
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Product Description

There are two commonly used materials for stainless steel color tubes: 201, 304; the coloring process of stainless steel color tubes can be divided into: vacuum coating, wood grain transfer, baking paint, copper plating, etc. In addition, there is another coloring process, that is, water electroplating coloring.

Surface Treatment

1. Spray paint treatment

Spray painting is powered by compressed air to form a high-speed spray beam, and spray the spray material on the surface of the color stainless steel pipe to be treated at a high speed to change its appearance or shape.

Spray painting has strong applications in engineering and surface technology, such as increasing the viscosity of bonded parts, decontamination, optimizing post-processing surface burrs and surface preparation.

The painting process is more uniform and efficient than hand sanding. This method of processing colored stainless steel tubes creates a product that is understated and durable.

2. Chemical treatment

Chemical treatment is a general term for chemical or electrochemical treatment used to form a stable layer of compounds on the surface of colored stainless steel pipes. As we often say, electroplating is through electrochemical processing.

Belonging to this method, acid solutions and anodic dissolution (electrolysis) are used alone or in combination for rust removal, and phosphate treatment, chromate treatment, blackening and anodization are used to form protective films on metal surfaces. This method can achieve complex color effects and create retro or modern design requirements.

3. Mirror finish

The mirror treatment of the color stainless steel pipe is to simply polish the surface of the color stainless steel pipe. The polishing methods are divided into physical polishing and chemical polishing. Partial polishing can also be performed on the surface of the colored stainless steel tube. The polishing level is divided into ordinary polishing, and the mirror surface gives the feeling of high-end simplicity and fashionable future.

4. Surface coloring

The coloring of stainless steel pipes not only gives colored stainless steel pipes a variety of colors, which increases the variety of products, but also improves the wear resistance and corrosion resistance of products. There are many methods of surface coloring, including chemical oxidation coloring, electrochemical oxidation coloring, ion deposition oxidation coloring and high temperature oxidation coloring.

5. Surface brushing treatment

Drawing process Drawing is a common process for colored stainless steel pipes, which can be made into straight lines, random lines, threads, corrugations and spirals according to the needs of decoration. The brushed color stainless steel tube gives a super good feel, delicate luster, wear-resistant surface and personalized texture effect. It is widely used in electronic equipment, kitchen utensils and mechanical equipment.

6. Spray

The spraying of colored stainless steel pipes is very different from the above-mentioned coloring. Depending on the material, some paints may damage the oxide layer on the surface of colored stainless steel pipes. However, spraying can obtain stainless steel products of different colors through a simple process, and different spray paints can also be used to change the feel of colored stainless steel pipes. Just like the stainless steel cups we use every day, we will use spray technology.

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