Q195 Q215 Q235 Carbon steel coil
Carbon steel coils can be divided into hot-rolled coils and cold-rolled coils according to the production process. Cold-rolled coils are made of hot-rolled coils and rolled below the recrystallization temperature. Common grades are: SPCC, SPCD, SPCE, ST12-15, DC01-06.
Common materials are Q235B, Q345B, SPHC, 510L, Q345A, Q345E, etc.
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Cold-rolled coils are produced by rolling hot-rolled coils below the recrystallization temperature. Since there is no heating in the production process, there are no defects such as pitting and iron oxide scale that often occur in hot rolling, and the surface quality is good and the finish is high. The dimensional accuracy of cold-rolled products is high, and the performance and structure of the products can meet some special requirements, such as electromagnetic properties, deep drawing properties, etc. Commonly used grades are: SPCC; SPCD; SPCE; ST12-15; 

Cold-rolled coil uses and models

Product NameGradeStandardUse
Carbon structural steel cold rolled sheet (coil) and stripQ195 Q235-A SPCC ST12GB11253-89 JISG3141 DIN1623Used in automobile manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, light industry, civil and construction industries
High quality carbon structure cold rolled sheet (coil) and strip08AI, Z, S, P SPCD ST14GB710-88 JSG3141 DIN1623For automobile manufacturing, tractor, light industry ordinary stamping and forming parts
Cold rolled sheet and strip for deep drawing08AI ZF, HF, F SPCE ST14GB5213-85 JISG3141 DIN 1623For the manufacture of automobiles and tractors, forming complex stampings
Cold rolled steel sheet and strip for bicyclesZQ195 ZQ215 Z06AIGB3644-89Steel plates and belts for bicycles
Continuous hot-dip galvanized sheet (coil)Deep-drawing grade SC; Super deep-drawing grade CS; Ordinary grade mechanical bite grade JYGB2518-88For drawing and complex shaped parts, for deep drawing and more complex shaped parts, for simple forming and hand processing, thickness < 1.5mm for mechanical engagement, thickness < 0.9mm For roll-over bite and general forming
Continuous electroplating tin sheet (coil)MR, DGB2520-2000Used in food can making, chemical and medical packaging, textile and electronic industrial parts, etc.
Color coated steel sheet (coil)DL, DP, XTGB/T12754-91Box structure and interior and exterior decoration for construction, transportation, furniture, home appliances, and electronics industries
Cold rolled sheet and strip for 200 liter steel drumsLTXY1 XT2YB/T055-94Dedicated to the manufacture of 200 liter steel drums
Cold-rolled steel sheet and strip for automobile trunksQG40Q/WG (LA) 14-88Suitable for making car trunks
Cold-rolled steel sheet (coil) for atmospheric corrosion resistance05CuPCrNi 06CuPREWGJS21-2001Used for automobile railway vehicles and marine containers, etc.; steel for automobiles, railway manufacturing and marine containers
Structural steel cold rolled sheet and strip for marine containersJ335Q/WG (LZ) 17-92

Steel for marine containers and other industrial structures

Cold rolled sheet steel for double coil welded pipeWBDW/WG (LZ) 18-95Refrigerator, automobile manufacturing and other industries double-layer
Semi-process cold rolled non-oriented electrical steel stripBDGQWG (LZ) 19-96Used in the manufacture of compressor motor cores
Polyvinyl chloride template plate and steel stripQG40Q/WG (TC) 01-94Substrate for polyvinyl chloride mold
Steel belt for color coatingQG40Q/WG (LZ) 11-93Substrate for color coating
Shadow mask frame steel beltWYK-2 WYK-1Q/WG (LZ) 11-98Color TV Frame Substrate

Classification of hot rolled coils:

Hot-rolled coils can be divided into: straight hair coils and finishing coils (divided coils, flat coils, slit coils);

According to different materials and properties, it can be divided into: ordinary carbon structural steel, low alloy steel, alloy steel;

According to different uses, it can be divided into: cold forming steel, structural steel, automobile structural steel, corrosion-resistant structural steel, mechanical structural steel, welded gas cylinder and pressure vessel steel, pipeline steel, etc.

Corresponding grades and uses of different types of hot rolled coils:


International Standard NumberGradeUse
Hot rolled mild steelJIS G3131SPHCSuitable for manufacturing cold-formed parts.
DIN 1614(EN10111)STW22(DD11)
General structural steelJIS G3101SS 330For general structural parts such as buildings, bridges, ships, vehicles, etc.
SS 400
SS 490
SS 540
DIN 17100 (EN10025)St 33(S185)
St 37-2(S235JR)
St 37-3(S235JO)
St 44-2(S275JR)
St 50-2(E295)
St 52-3(S355JO)
Welded structural steelJIS G3106SM400AUsed for structural parts that require excellent welding performance such as buildings, bridges, ships, vehicles, oil tanks, construction machinery, etc.
NSCWelten590REWeldable high-strength steel plates for pressure vessels, oil tanks, construction machinery, mining machinery, pressure water pipes, etc.
Steel for mechanical structuresDIN 17200C22For mechanical structural parts used after cutting and other processing and heat treatment.
JIS G4501C35
Fine grain structural steelDIN 17102StE255Fine grain structural steel suitable for welding.
Steel strip for steel pipeJIS G3132SPHT1For welded steel pipes.
Steel for automobile structureJIS G3113SAPH 310Used for automotive structural parts such as automotive frames and wheels that require formability and processability.
SAPH 370
SAPH 400
SAPH 440
SEW 092 (EN10149-2)QStE 340TM(---)Hot-rolled pellet steel for cold deformation, used for structural parts such as automobile girders that require good cold forming properties and have high or high strength requirements.
QStE 380TM(---)
QStE 420TM(S420MC)
QStE 380TM(S460MC)
QStE 500TM(S500MC)
Steel for boilers and pressure vesselsDIN 17155 (EN10028-2)HII (P265GH)In addition to guaranteeing normal temperature performance, it also guarantees mechanical properties at higher temperatures, suitable for steam boiler equipment, pressure vessels with higher working temperature and similar structural parts.
JIS G3103SB410
JIS G3116SG295Welded steel plates for gas cylinders.
Steel for hull structureLR,BVAAvailable according to national specifications.
Atmospheric corrosion resistant steelSEW087 (EN10155)WTSt37-2(S235J2W)It is used to manufacture structural parts that require resistance to atmospheric corrosion, such as containers, railway vehicles, oil derricks, and construction machinery.
NAW 490
Sulfuric acid corrosion resistant steelS-ten2Containers for the manufacture of hydrogen sulfide-containing media, etc.
Seawater corrosion resistant steelMariloy G41AUsed for structural parts such as oil production platforms, ships, seaport buildings, etc.
Mariloy S50A
Case hardened steelDIN 17210C10High-purity low-carbon steel is used for surface carburizing or nitriding and then quenching and hardening to manufacture structural parts with high hardness on the surface, wear resistance and high toughness in the core.
JIS G4051S09CK
High toughness pipeline steelAPI 5LX60For the production of spiral welded pipes, high toughness pipeline steel for oil pipelines, hot-rolled wide-band steel.
Steel for straight seam welded casingAPI 5CTJ55For manufacturing straight seam welded oil casing.
Hot rolled coil for pipelineAPI 5LGrade A,BOil and gas pipelines.

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