The solution of the stainless steel tube processing
Time : 2023-03-07
The solution of the stainless steel tube processing

Stainless steel pipe now more and more widely used, due to its good corrosion resistance has played a vital role in engineering construction, in the process of production we need a solid solution for stainless steel tube processing, the main purpose is to obtain certain martensite increase the hardness of products. 

after solution treatment and then heated to (760±15) ℃ for 90min, the carbon and alloying element content in the 904L stainless steel tube was reduced due to the precipitation of Cr23C6 carbides .The Ms point was raised to 70℃ and then cooled to room temperature to obtain martensite +α ferrite + residual structure. The residual austenite was decomposed after aging at 510℃. after solution by high temperature adjustment and cryogenic treatment, the solution is heated to 950℃ for 90min. Due to the increase of Ms point, a small amount of martensite can be obtained by cooling to room temperature. A certain amount of martensite can be obtained after cold treatment at -70℃ for 8h.

After solution treatment by cold deformation method, the amount of martensite formed by 904L seamless tube during cold deformation is related to deformation and composition of 904L stainless steel tube.

The above three methods are commonly used for solution treatment of stainless steel tubes.

Now we will simply understand the surface inspection method of stainless steel pipe.

The use of stainless steel pipe or more use of time after a long time, is the need to check it this is a very key step, in order to ensure the quality of stainless steel pipe safety so in the detection of time must ensure the quality of pipe. Here we will simply understand the surface inspection method of stainless steel pipe.

 If there are sundries on the surface of stainless steel tube, especially when there is dust adhesion, heating will of course affect the oxide scale.

The surface of the workpiece such as cold processing attached lubricating oil, in trichloroethylene degreaser, caustic soda solution fully degreased after cleaning with warm water and then heat treatment.

The difference of the atmosphere in the stainless steel tube furnace in different parts of the furnace atmosphere, the formation of the oxide scale will also change, which is also the cause of the uneven pickling. So the atmosphere in all parts of the furnace is the same during heating.

The object in direct contact with the heating workpiece can only be used after fully drying. But after drying such as placed at room temperature, in the case of high humidity moisture will still condense on the surface of the workpiece. So dry it before use.

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