Steel Testing Standards
Time : 2023-03-07
Steel Testing Standards

Steel product categories: four categories: profiles, plates, pipes and metal products.

Steel products: heavy rail, light rail, large section steel, medium section steel, small section steel, steel cold-formed section steel, high-quality section steel, wire rod, medium and thick steel plate, thin steel plate, silicon steel sheet for electrical purposes, strip steel, seamless steel pipe steel, welded steel pipe, Steel pipes, metal products and other varieties.

Test items:

Common detection-chemical composition: analysis of C, S, P, Mn, Si, Cr, Ni element content; common analysis-spectral analysis: photoelectric colorimetric analysis; polarographic analysis;

Electron probe X-ray microscopic analysis macro inspection: killed steel, continuous casting steel, ebullient steel structure and macro defect determination, acid leaching test, tower-shaped hairline acid leaching test, sulfur printing test, fracture inspection, etc.;

Metallographic inspection: metallographic microscope detection of decarburization layer depth (GB/T224), grain size detection, detection of non-metallic inclusions in steel, steel chemical composition segregation detection, etc.;

Process performance: hardenability test, welding performance test, cutting performance test, wear test, metal bending test, metal repeated bending test, metal wire repeated bending test, metal wire torsion test, metal wire winding test, metal item breaking test, metal Cupping test, etc.; physical properties: experimental testing of physical performance indicators in the performance testing of metal plastic processing products, the main test items include magnetic properties, density, elastic modulus, thermal expansion coefficient, resistance value, etc.

Electrical properties: magnetic properties measurement, density measurement, elastic modulus measurement, expansion coefficient measurement, resistivity measurement, etc.; chemical properties: intergranular corrosion experiment, anti-oxidation performance experiment, atmospheric corrosion experiment, full immersion, inter-immersion corrosion experiment, etc. ;

Non-destructive testing: ultrasonic flaw detection, magnetic flaw detection, ray flaw detection, specification and size detection, surface defect detection, etc.;

Hardness: Brinell hardness, Rockwell hardness, Vickers hardness, microhardness, Shore hardness, etc.;

Tensile: hardness index (specified non-proportional elongation stress, specified total elongation stress, specified residual elongation stress, yield point, tensile strength), plasticity index (elongation; cross-sectional expansion rate), high temperature creep test ( Creep speed, ultimate strength limit, elongation after permanent fracture, permanent reduction of area), etc.;

Impact: high and low temperature impact test, multiple impact test, etc.

Testing Standard

ⅠMaterial standard

1 carbon structural steel GB/T700

2 high-quality carbon structural steel GB/T699

3 Low-alloy high-strength structural steel GB/T1591

4 High weather-resistant structural steel GB/T4171

5 Weathering steel for welded structures GB/T4172

6 heat-resistant steel plate GB/T4238

7 Structural steel for bridges GB/T714

Ⅱ profile standard

1 hot-rolled equilateral angle steel GB/T9787

2 hot-rolled unequal angle steel GB/T9788

3 hot-rolled I-beam GB/T706

4 hot-rolled channel steel GB/T707

5 Hot-rolled H-shaped steel and some T-shaped steel GB/T11263

6 Ordinary welded H-beam YB 3001

7 High-frequency welding thin-walled H-beam JG/T 137 for structure

8 cold-formed steel GB/T6725

9 Cold-formed hollow steel for structure GB/T6728

10 general cold-formed open section steel GB/T6723

11 GB/T 11981 light steel keel for construction

Ⅲ Plate standard

1 Hot-rolled steel plate and strip GB/T709

2 Carbon structural steel and low alloy structural steel hot-rolled strip GB/T3524

3 Carbon structural steel and low alloy structural steel hot-rolled sheet and strip GB/T912

4 Carbon structural steel and low-alloy structural steel hot-rolled thick plate and steel strip GB/T3274

5 Cold-rolled steel sheets and strips GB/T708

6 Carbon structural steel cold-rolled strip GB/T716

7 thickness direction performance steel plate GB/T5313

8 Continuous hot-dip galvanized steel sheet and strip GB/T2518

9 Color-coated steel sheets and strips GB/T12754

10 profiled steel plate for construction GB12755

11 Cold-formed corrugated steel plate GB/T6724

12 Steel strips for welded steel pipes GB/T8165

Ⅳ pipe material standard

1 Structural seamless steel pipe GB/T8162

2 seamless steel pipe size, shape, weight and tolerance GB/T 17395

3 Acceptance, packaging, marking and quality certificate of steel pipes GB2102

4 Structural stainless steel seamless steel pipe GB/T 14975

5 straight seam electric welded steel pipe YB242-63

6 cold drawn seamless special-shaped steel pipe GB/T3094

Ⅴ Welding Material Standards

1 Cylindrical head welding studs for arc stud welding GB/T 10433

2 welding stud GB/T902.3 for energy storage welding

3 Welding studs for manual welding GB/T 902.1

4 Welding studs for motorized arc welding GB/T 902.2

5 carbon steel welding rod GB/T5117

6 low alloy steel welding rod GB/T5118

7 Fusion welding steel wire GB/T14957

8 Steel wire for gas shielded welding GB/T14958

9 carbon steel flux cored wire GB/T 10045

10 Carbon steel and low alloy steel welding wire for gas shielded arc welding GB/T 8110

11 Carbon steel wire and flux for submerged arc welding of carbon steel GB95293

12 Flux for submerged arc welding of low alloy steel GB/T 12470

13 cast iron welding rod and wire GB/T 10044

14 Surfacing electrodes GB/T984

15 Aluminum and aluminum alloy welding wire GB/T 10858

Ⅵ connection standard

1 GB/T1228 high-strength large hexagon head bolts for steel structures

2 High-strength large hexagonal head bolts, large hexagonal nuts, washers, type, size and technical conditions for steel structures GB1231

3 Type, size and technical conditions of torsional shear high-strength connection pairs for steel structures GB3633

4 High-strength washers for steel structures GB/T 1230

5 High-strength bolts GB/T 16939 for steel grid bolt ball joints

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