Stainless Steel Products
Stainless Steel Products

Application of stainless steel products

Due to the smooth and firm surface of stainless steel products, which are not easy to accumulate dirt and are easy to clean, they are widely used in building materials decoration, food processing, catering, brewing and chemical industries.

Construction sector

In the field of architectural decoration, stainless steel products are used in halls, elevator decorative panels, etc. Because the surface of stainless steel products is smooth after processing, it is not easy to accumulate dirt, so it can be kept clean for a long time, but if you do not pay attention to cleaning, the deposition of dirt will make stainless steel rust or even cause corrosion. In addition, the polishing process used in stainless steel products is also very important for the selection of stainless steel products. For example, in the spacious hall, stainless steel is the most commonly used material for elevator decorative panels. Although the fingerprints on the surface can be wiped off, it affects the appearance. A textured surface is required to prevent fingerprints.

Sanitary ware

In food processing, catering, brewing and other industrial fields, stainless steel is also widely used. Because it is easy to clean every day, it is also resistant to chemical cleaning agents, and because it is not easy to breed bacteria. Tests have shown that the performance in this respect is the same as that of glass and ceramics.

Chemical field

In the chemical industry, stainless steel products are widely used for their good chemical stability and firmness, and can be used for containers, reaction vessels, etc.

We work closely with the construction industry, continuously invest in upgrading skills and machinery, and constantly improve and update products to meet the changing needs of customers. In addition, due to our knowledge of the industry, we maintain a large inventory of finished products, which enables us to provide prompt service and fast shipments to our customers.