Galvanized steel Application
Galvanized steel Application

Galvanizing is a simple and effective steel protection process, which is widely used in the protection of steel parts. It has the advantages of simple operation and control, easy inspection of galvanized layer, and relatively simple hot-dip galvanizing process. At the same time, because the life of galvanized layer mainly depends on the thickness of the coating, it is easy to observe whether the surface is Continuous, bright, and the use of magnetic thickness gauges can conveniently and accurately determine whether it meets the standard requirements.

Galvanized steel also has the advantages of formability, weldability, paintability and good ductility during use, and galvanized technology is developing towards large-scale and low-cost. In addition to the mass production of semi-finished zinc products such as galvanized steel sheets, steel pipes and steel wires in various countries in the world, galvanized protection has been adopted for many finished steel products. Galvanized products are widely used in transportation, construction, electric power, energy, automobile, petrochemical and household appliances and other industries.

Application of galvanizing in various industries

(1)Transportation industry: highway guardrails, highway signs, street light poles, bridge steel structures. Automobile body, transportation machinery panel and floor, etc.

(2)Construction industry: construction steel structure parts, scaffolding, roof panels, inner and outer wall materials, anti-theft nets, fences, shutters, drainage pipes, plumbing equipment, etc.

(3)Communication and power industry: transmission towers, line fittings, microwave towers, communication towers, substation facilities, wire casings, cable trays, high-voltage transmission wires, etc.

(4)Petrochemical industry: oil pipelines, oil well pipes, condensing coolers, oil heaters, etc.

(5) Machinery manufacturing industry: shells of various machines, household appliances, ventilation devices, instrumentation boxes, switch boxes, etc.

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