Carbon Steel Product Application
Carbon Steel Product Application

Carbon steel is the earliest and most used basic material in modern industry. It is generally divided into tubes, plates, coils, rods, steel bars, steel sheet piles, steel strands, steel profiles, etc., and is widely used in buildings, bridges, railways, and vehicles. , ships and various machinery manufacturing industries, etc., and in the modern petrochemical industry, marine development, etc., it has also been widely used.

We have been a preferred supplier, involved in some of the world's natural gas projects, and provide many solutions to achieve efficient production within the oil and gas industry.

The reason we have been so successful in this industry is our ability to provide a complete service. We can manufacture all metal sheathing solutions from vapor barriers to coatings, enhanced with our innovative acoustic barriers. We also provide all related ancillary products related to Metal Sheathing and control all logistics to deliver these products as a complete package worldwide.

We are renowned for quality and work within the scope of ISO 9001:2015 certification. We are also recognized by many FEEDs, EPCs and owners around the world.