Aluminum Product Application
Aluminum Product Application

Aluminum profiles are also known as industrial aluminum extrusion profiles and industrial aluminum profiles. The main material is aluminum, and then extruded by a mold, it can have a variety of different cross-sections. Industrial aluminum profiles have good formability and processability, and there is an oxide film on the surface, so they are beautiful and durable, anti-corrosion and wear-resistant. Because of the many characteristics of industrial aluminum profiles, industrial aluminum profiles can be used in many industries.

Let's take a look at the current application fields of aluminum products in various industries in China:

One. Light industry: Daily hardware and household appliances use the most aluminum. For example, the TV frame in aluminum products

Two. Electrical industry: my country's high-voltage transmission lines are almost all steel-cored aluminum stranded wires. In addition, transformer coils, induction motor rotors, busbars, etc. also use transformer aluminum strips, as well as aluminum power cables, aluminum wiring and aluminum magnet wires.

Three. Machinery manufacturing industry: Aluminum alloy is mainly used in machinery manufacturing industry.

Four. Electronics industry: Aluminum is widely used in the electronics industry, such as radios, extenders, televisions, capacitors, potentiometers, speakers and other civilian products and basic equipment. A large amount of aluminum is used in radar, tactical missiles and military additional equipment. Aluminum products, because of their lightness and convenience, are suitable for the protection of various electronic products.

Five. Construction industry: Nearly half of the aluminum profiles are used in the construction industry to manufacture aluminum doors and windows, structural parts, decorative panels, curtain wall aluminum veneers, etc. Packaging industry: All-aluminum cans are the most popular packaging material in the global packaging industry, while cigarette packaging is the largest user of aluminum foil. Aluminum foil is also widely used in other packaging industries such as candy, medicine, toothpaste, cosmetics, etc. Aluminum is also widely used in industries such as automobiles, metallurgy, aerospace, and railways.

Divided from the main applications of aluminum, aluminum products can be divided into aluminum for building structures, aluminum for transportation, aluminum for power, aluminum for packaging containers, aluminum for machinery manufacturing, aluminum for daily consumer goods, aluminum for electronic communications and others. 8 categories.

1. Aluminum for building structure

Aluminum used in building structures accounts for about 32% of all aluminum applications, mainly used in doors and windows, curtain walls, decorative panels, enclosure panels; escalator ladders; shop shutter doors: large structural parts, aluminum bridges: all-aluminum houses, building templates, etc.

2 aluminum for transportation

Aluminum for transportation accounts for about 22% of all aluminum applications, mainly used in automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles, rail vehicles, containers, aerospace vehicles, ships, etc.

3. Aluminum for electric power

Aluminum for power accounts for about 12% of all aluminum applications6, and is mainly used in the power industry, including wires and cables, busbars and conductors, power transmission and distribution equipment, etc.

4. Aluminum for packaging containers

Aluminum for packaging containers accounts for about 11% of all aluminum applications, mainly used in food, medicine, cigarettes and other packaging; aluminum cans, bottle caps, wine seals, aluminum foil containers, etc.

5.aluminum for machinery manufacturing

Aluminum for machinery manufacturing accounts for about 8% of all aluminum applications, and is mainly used in textile machinery, medical equipment, food machinery, instruments, tools and molds, etc.

6. Aluminum for daily consumer goods

Aluminum used in daily consumer goods accounts for about 7% of all aluminum applications, and is mainly used in household appliances, cooking utensils and kitchen supplies, lighting fixtures, furniture, toys, etc.

7. Aluminum for electronic communication

Aluminum for electronic communication accounts for about 4% of all aluminum applications, and is mainly used in electronic appliances, including computers, communication equipment, and personal electronic consumer goods.

8. Others

Other uses of aluminum account for about 4% of all aluminum applications, and are mainly used in steelmaking deoxidizers, master alloys, steel coating materials, pharmaceutical materials, etc.

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