Custom Made

Various stainless steel structures, carbon steel structures, galvanized steel structures, and aluminum profiles can be produced.

Color-coated coils of various patterns and colors, aluminum profiles, elbows, tees, stainless steel flanges, steel mesh, perforated steel sheets, cold-formed steel sheet piles, hot-rolled steel sheet piles, U/Z/S/L/AS/H types Steel sheet piles, steel strands, prestressed steel strands, 7/2/3/19/37 steel strands, galvanized steel strands, plastic-coated steel strands, carbon steel wires, steel wires, steel bars, grade I steel bars ( 300/420 grade), Ⅱ grade reinforcement (335/455 grade), Ⅲ grade reinforcement (400/540), Ⅳ grade reinforcement (500/630), compression reinforcement, tension reinforcement, erection reinforcement, distribution reinforcement, stirrup Steel bars, deformed steel bars, smooth steel bars, ribbed steel bars, cold-rolled twisted steel bars, universal steel beams (H-beams), welded H-beams, hot-rolled H-beams, T-beams, T-beams for railways, special-shaped welded T-beams, special-shaped heat Rolled equal-sided and equal-thickness T-shaped steel, special-shaped bolted T-shaped steel, H-shaped steel split T-shaped steel, Z-shaped steel, C-shaped steel, channel steel, I-beam, steel beam (Universal Beam), angle steel (angle iron), equilateral angle steel , Unequal angle steel, W-shaped steel, etc.

Rich manufacturing experience, complete production line, support for customizing various steel profiles! Meet customer application needs. Welcome to contact us for customization.